Thursday, 19 November 2009

Some Crafting At Last!

This book has recently popped into my 'pile' (don't tell Marathon Runner there's a new one in there!). One or seven caught my eye and with a birthday of one of Mad Child's friends, I figured it was an ideal opportunity to try one out.
I chose the kitty (inset on the front cover) and it was quite easy, if a little fiddly.
But why hasn't she got a tail???
Okay, so mine looks a bit different. I think my first problem was that I joined the head on a bit squiffy, hmm.

I'm quite pleased though. I tied her with ribbon onto the front of the 'real' present (a book about drawing cats - ha, themed see?)

"Oh what a pretty mouse!" she said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Fudge Tart

Anyone fancy a slice of Fudge Tart?

Friday, 13 November 2009

Batten Down The Hatches

The weather forecasters are telling us that storms are coming. Are they always right? Well, no actually. However, it has been raining the proverbial cats and dogs for most of the afternoon. One soaked mum returning from the Country Market (to get Marathon Runner his weekly fix of madeleines), one soaked Mad Child because she decided to go and visit her old teacher instead of coming straight home (in one of the few vaguely dry moments) and one dripping Scary Child coming home from a long day at school followed by a shift in a coffee shop. Followed by one dry husband who had the car ....

And now the slightly wider shot which shows lack of mantelpiece and (on the left) a peek of the rather large drum kit which is now surplus to requirements!!

Time to toast my toes and have some treacle tart and custard methinks!

Saturday, 7 November 2009


Hope you all had a happy and safe Fireworks Night. Unfortunately one of Mad One's hamsters died that night, so things were a bit subdued and sniffy.
Starting to really think about the 'C' word now. What theme shall we go for this year? I was reading That Crafty Fish yesterday and she is going for a 'gingerbread' theme, which I think sounds really nice. Sometimes we go for a particular colour, and sometimes an all-encompassing theme. I'm toying with the idea of just being elegant this year but first I think we have to sell the drum kit currently located in the living room and get Marathon Runner to pull his finger out with regard putting up the mantelpiece!!
Thinking about maybe making some of these fabric trees, and perhaps a few reindeer. No, I can't even think about writing cards yet. Bah, Humbug!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Just a few buns ....

Just a few buns for the Guides barbecue! Busy, busy, busy, as usual! Very little crafting is getting done here at the moment apart from a little ripple crochet whilst watching CSI or Bargain Hunt. Don't you just love Tim? He cheers me up every day!

TONIGHT though we have the return of the GorGeouSsss Richard Armitage in Spooks so I'm blogging early just so that I can give him my fullest concentration. The story is really complicated, you see, so no talking please; just drooling!

Monday, 2 November 2009

Halloween Unwelcome

Halloween Unwelcome
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Well, we had a wonderful Halloween Party, full of things that made us go "yewch!", lots of sweets and laughter (and lots of mess)!

Mad Child looked terribly grown up in a black cocktail dress and some very realistic vampire teeth. We had devils, zombies, mad professors, their abominable creations, of course witches and a grim reaper, complete with scythe.

Lots of things I didn't have time to photograph or just plain forgot! Like the big spider we put up in the window with a gently glowing green background. Most of my pictures are here, so I hope you have time to take a look.

Today has been spent trying to get all the decorations back into the same box they came out of! It's like one of those 3D puzzles! It's still all on the dining table, having tried unsuccessfully three times so far!

Anyway, tempus fugit. I guess we will soon have to start talking about the "C" word!