Thursday, 24 November 2011

Two Phews and an Argument with the Traffic Warden

Phew No 1

Made £65 profit on the cake stall at the weekend.  Not bad considering I didn't have as much time to bake as usual.  Worth doing anyway.  No photos because Scary forgot to take any!  Humph!

We'll skip over the argument with the Traffic Warden, shall we?  I always thought you could park on double yellows if you were unloading (which I was)!  I didn't get a ticket, thank goodness, so I guess I sort of won that argument, but it did awful things to my blood pressure and sense of humour for the rest of the day.

Phew No 2

I got the date wrong for the craft stall and it is on 2nd December, not this Friday as I originally thought!  One more week to get organised.  [But what am I doing?  I'm messing about on the computer, instead of getting one's ass in gear!]

I will try and take some photos of what I'm making later, when I've finished checking Pinterest for some more inspiration ................

Friday, 18 November 2011

Running on Caffeine

My bottom has just hit the chair for five minutes while my chocolate shortbread is baking.  Plain shortbread, cherry cupcakes and bakewell tarts already done, thank goodness.  Coffee, chocolate and coconut cupcakes and lemon drizzle cakes left to do, along with anything else I can think of!

I just quickly clicked on Selfsewn for a little read and she is summarising her week in three words.

I put "Running on caffeine".

Ooops.  Gotta run.  Oven beeping!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Preparation is The Key


Why do we take on so much?  Correction, why do I take on so much?  You're probably all out there in Blogland with your presents handmade and wrapped, with Christmas cards poised for posting and Christmas puddings aromatically maturing in larder cupboards!

I am not.

Nor ever likely to be.

There is no more productive time like 'The Last Minute'.

Anyway, just thought I better drop in and play catch up; at least, prove that I haven't been spending all my time on Pinterest (ahem).

That strange red thing I was making a while ago here was eventually finished, along with a couple of others and they now reside on my bookshelves.

See, it wasn't rude!  Unlike this thing I saw [click here], which please don't look at if you are of a nervous disposition.  But do you think the Runner would like me to knit him a pair?

The two main things I am in a panic about are a cake stall on Saturday (you know what I will be doing from dawn til dusk and later tomorrow don't you?) and a craft stall the following Friday.

Lots of making projects going on at the moment, most of them half-finished!

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011