Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Hot Pennies

Yesterday was Hot Pennies Day. This is an incredibly old tradition of throwing heated coins out of windows in the High Street. Yes, I know, unless you grew up here (I did!) I guess you'll think this is weird. It all starts with the Town Crier yelling a lot. I don't mean to sound like I am making fun of it; I really enjoy the connection with times gone by. My family history goes back a long way in this area.

We also have The Fair in town, much to Mad One's delight.

So many rides on here, I was nearly sick watching her!

Not sure what German Girl thinks of us but she seemed to enjoy herself!
Mad Daughter has expressed an interest in basketball, so we've bought her the ball. Not sure what to do about the hoop bit, but in the meantime I'm moving all my plants from the patio!!
Six weeks and counting ....

Friday, 17 July 2009

Busy, busy, busy!

There's been rather a lot of this lately:-

My kitchen has displayed a similar level of devastation for nearly two weeks now.

I think I am quite sick of cake (did I really say that?)!

First of all, there were the refreshments for over 200 people at a play with a black and white theme. This was just for the afternoon performance (80 of them!).

Then in the evening there were another 150 (but I was so busy I didn't have time to take any photos!)
Then there was the teacher's birthday:

Last came THE PROM. Even though it's only the primary school, it's still a Big Thing, this Prom.
One has to have the right dress.

But it needs something to cover my arms Mum. So Mum gets knitting.

Doesn't my baby Mad One look so grown up?

Then we made cocktails, and burgers, and hot dogs, and ice cream, and jelly

oh, and more cake

and now I shall collapse in a heap. Oh but Harry Potter is on at the cinema, we must go Mum, we must! So we do; another late night but worth it.
Just one more thing; it is Spanish Girl's last night. So a nice meal is in order. Three courses at least (but no cake thank you).
And we have to get up at 6.00am to get her to the bus on time. Oh joy.
Then we have 4 hours to get ready for German Girl.
It will be lovely to see her again but I hope she doesn't expect scintillating conversation tomorrow night!

Monday, 6 July 2009

Feeling Glum

There is no doubt about it, today is a Glum Day in my house.

This is exactly how I am feeling today.

It is all down to lack of support for the PTA. I am sure many other PTA Secretaries have similar predicaments. We have a two shows on Friday, with over 100 potential guests (nobody seems to know the exact number limit!) at each performance, and only the Chair and I to serve tea and cake (but only me in the afternoon)! Hmmm. I think it best to refrain from saying anything else before I engage in rant mode again.

Even the flowers at the lovely Connaught Gardens did little to revive my lagging spirits.

I know they are a bit municipal, but lovely nonetheless.

This is more where I'm at:

Then I get home to find that I have missed Torchwood!!! I sit down to watch Pierce Brosnan; that's got to be good for the soul hasn't it? However, it turns out to be the most unadulterated load of drivel (that's keeping it clean) I have seen in a long time.

AND I've broken a nail!

Oh dear, the Martians have just cut Pierce's head off! That just about sums it up, I think!

One plus side, I did have all the washing done and no-one was complaining about not having any pants!

Friday, 3 July 2009


Scary found this picture and sent it to me. What is she trying to say?

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Getting Organised!

We have a board in our kitchen which is used for various messages, for example ...

but it used to be the Menu Board. So, here goes, my first step to getting organised ... reinstating it to it's former use: (and hopefully doing this every week?!)

My main problem is that to take these pictures, I first had to clean the wall around the board. Now I have a clean spot!!!!!!!! Hey ho!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Resolution for the month of July

This is my sofa. These are the things that are cluttering up my seat at the moment!
From the left we have a lovely book about gardens open in Devon, my glasses (shows my age - can't do anything without them now!), a recently started ripple blanket for Scary, my new book, a knitted shrug for Mad Daughter to wear with The Prom Dress and pattern for said shrug.
I know I shouldn't be starting any new projects; I just can't help it! I enjoyed making the ripple cushion SO MUCH! As soon as I find some suitable material for the back and I figure out what to do with the wobbly sides, it will get finished, I promise!
My New Book is Confessions of an Organized Homemaker. Yes, I know, pick yourself up off the floor now and stop laughing. This month I am going to:
a) Have tea ready for Marathon Runner when he gets home from work.
b) Have uniform washed and ready for girls to wear to school.
c) Sort out my crafting cupboard.
d) Make a path to the computer!
e) Spend more time with my beautiful children before they grow up any more!!
Any chance?


See, I told you! She went away for the weekend a child who didn't care what she looked like, and now she's asking her sister for a makeover!

"No, don't rub your eye!"