Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Hot Pennies

Yesterday was Hot Pennies Day. This is an incredibly old tradition of throwing heated coins out of windows in the High Street. Yes, I know, unless you grew up here (I did!) I guess you'll think this is weird. It all starts with the Town Crier yelling a lot. I don't mean to sound like I am making fun of it; I really enjoy the connection with times gone by. My family history goes back a long way in this area.

We also have The Fair in town, much to Mad One's delight.

So many rides on here, I was nearly sick watching her!

Not sure what German Girl thinks of us but she seemed to enjoy herself!
Mad Daughter has expressed an interest in basketball, so we've bought her the ball. Not sure what to do about the hoop bit, but in the meantime I'm moving all my plants from the patio!!
Six weeks and counting ....

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