Monday, 6 July 2009

Feeling Glum

There is no doubt about it, today is a Glum Day in my house.

This is exactly how I am feeling today.

It is all down to lack of support for the PTA. I am sure many other PTA Secretaries have similar predicaments. We have a two shows on Friday, with over 100 potential guests (nobody seems to know the exact number limit!) at each performance, and only the Chair and I to serve tea and cake (but only me in the afternoon)! Hmmm. I think it best to refrain from saying anything else before I engage in rant mode again.

Even the flowers at the lovely Connaught Gardens did little to revive my lagging spirits.

I know they are a bit municipal, but lovely nonetheless.

This is more where I'm at:

Then I get home to find that I have missed Torchwood!!! I sit down to watch Pierce Brosnan; that's got to be good for the soul hasn't it? However, it turns out to be the most unadulterated load of drivel (that's keeping it clean) I have seen in a long time.

AND I've broken a nail!

Oh dear, the Martians have just cut Pierce's head off! That just about sums it up, I think!

One plus side, I did have all the washing done and no-one was complaining about not having any pants!

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