Wednesday, 31 August 2011

31 Days

Woo Hoo!  Way Hey!  I've done 31 days in a row.  Phew!  (Look at the time!)

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

For the Love of Pinterest

I'm sure I have mentioned Pinterest before.  I can waste hours looking at the fantastic images on there.

This picture made me laugh out loud, given the number of times I have threatened my children with painful death if they used my 'cutting out' scissors.

And this one too, so cute, must see if I can get some of these.

And can we all identify with this?

Monday, 29 August 2011

Well, I Never!

Would you believe it?  I have Won a Giveaway!

Dear Claire at My Little Life, thank you so much!

That was definitely the best thing to happen today.  Work was so boring, only four customers; had a man round to mend the toilet, dried out the floor around said toilet, tried to do some more of Scary's bag but ran out of pink thread and of course it's Bank Holiday so nowhere is open.  Frantic phone call to friend who opens up her shop so that I can get some pink thread!  And here I am doing my blog post at gone 11pm AGAIN.

Think bed is calling.  I'll just go and have a little chat with the hamster and then I think I might have to make myself a hot water bottle!

See you tomorrow!

Sunday, 28 August 2011


Look at Scary's belly button!

What can I say?

Saturday, 27 August 2011


In between making ready for the students today, I have been trying to carry on with my present for Scary.  It is a bag that consists of eight panels and each panel is different.  I am using old sheets, clothes and any odd bits and pieces that I have lying around.

It's coming on but it's taking rather longer than I anticipated.

I have tried some free embroidery (I think this is what you call it) for the first time and I'm reasonably pleased with the result.

I wasn't sure how the bag went together.  I kept reading the instructions and I couldn't visualise it.

So I thought perhaps I needed to make a little practice one before I started putting the big one together.

Does anyone have a Barbie that needs a handbag?

Friday, 26 August 2011

Start of Birthday Celebrations

We started the birthday celebrations today (after I'd tidied up from yesterday of course).  A bit early as the first birthday isn't until 3rd September but we do like to spread it out.

It started with Pizza Hut (the girls' favourite, but not necessarily mine).  I got into trouble because I had pasta!  I don't think men understand why you would go somewhere you don't especially like, just because everyone else likes it!  As usual, we couldn't get through the meal without Scary and the Runner having a highbrow scientific discussion/argument/heated debate.  Tonight it was the possibility of travelling at the speed of light and some newly discovered planet and it's composition.  May I remind you that this is in Pizza Hut.  Not sure what the next table thought about our conversation but they were remarkably quiet!  At least I managed to surreptitiously tip the waitress whilst Scary distracted the Runner by asking him about thermo dynamics.

Then we went to see the Rise of the Planet of the Apes.  Again, not what I would have chosen, but it's only me that fancies Daniel Craig in this house.  It wasn't too bad, actually.  I thought it was going to be dreadful and took my MP3 just in case I couldn't stand it, but it was very well made and a reasonable story.  Scary spent most of the time crying about how they treated the chimps though.

Oh well, back to the grindstone tomorrow.  More students arriving tomorrow night and not a bathroom cleaned, nor any beds ready!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Making A Mess

I have been having a bit of a sort-out.

Sometimes what you want is at the back of the cupboard!  And you realise that it really is time things were a bit more organised.

Unfortunately downstairs looks like this

and the dining table looks like this

All to make some birthday presents for Scary!

Can you guess what it is?

What have you been up to today?  Hopefully you haven't made as much mess as I did!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

What's Going on in Our House at the Moment

Spent yesterday afternoon at the beach, sitting on a deck chair, in a hat, knitting warm socks!  Consequently children still not speaking to me!

However ...

The Runner is at work so, wey hey, I have the remote control and a new set of True Blood DVDs to watch.

Oh Eric ....

I have a walnut whip, Eric and a brief respite from getting up at the crack of dawn to get students out the door.

Oh heaven!

Monday, 22 August 2011

And The Winner Is ....

Becca from Fancy Vintage!

Congratulations to Becca!

Many thanks to those who entered: I wish I could send prizes to everyone!

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Last Chance for The Tea Time Giveaway!

This is the final opportunity to enter my giveaway for the 'Time for Tea' sign, two tea related cards and my home-made tea cosy.

Leave a comment here and when I get home from work tomorrow I will pop some names into a pot and we will see who wins.

Good Luck to you all.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Giveaway Make

Can you guess what it is yet?

I bet you can.

Fancy a nice hot cup of tea?

So along with the sign and cards

I will be offering my homemade tea cosy to one lucky winner on Monday.

Just leave a comment on this post, or the original one here, to be in with a chance!

See you tomorrow.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Baking Again

A little bit of this:

and a little bit of that:

All add up to rather a lot of cakeage to do another cake stall tomorrow.

Wish me luck!

Off to make some more cupcakes (or buns, as The Runner insists on calling them).

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Present for Me!

Aren't they lovely?

I was having a little look around the blogesphere the other day and ended up on e-bay and just couldn't resist these.

I would give you a link but my computer is being exceptionally slow today and doesn't seem to want to open more than one window for me to get the link!!  Grrr!

They go from the diddiest little 2.5mm

up to a big fat 10mm and all in such gorgeous colours.

Aren't I a lucky girl?

PS  Don't forget to enter my Tea Time giveaway!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Two New Projects and Some Graffiti

I'm very good at starting projects.  I have started two this week.  Both for Scary.  Poor Starfish - still she did get some nice woolly socks in the height of summer!

Project number one is a nice woolly pair of socks for Scary (hopefully for her birthday but don't hold your breath), using the Crofters pattern but some different wool.  Sorry, I can't find the ball band and have no recollection of what it's called.

No, I can't tell you what colour it is.  It's ... weird.  Sort of a pinky, purply, orangey affair.  I didn't choose it so the blame is not at my door; she chose it herself.

The other project is more challenging.  In the latest issue of my crochet magazine there was a pattern for this shrug/hoodie thing which I thought Scary would like but I have never crocheted anything to wear before, so dismissed it, even though I secretly wanted to make it.

Well, The Runner took me to Sidmouth today, for a coffee and a nosey round the shops.  It was raining but, hey ho, got to seize the opportunity, haven't you?

I went into this funny little shop which sold wool amongst other things and there, right in front of me, was The Most Gorgeous Wool I have ever seen!  The colours were just fantastic and just what I had envisaged making this shrug/hoodie with.  Well, you cannot resist that amount of fate, can you?  I mean, seeing a pattern one day and The Most Perfect Wool on the Very Next Day!  I'm afraid I didn't even know if it was the correct ply or anything.  I just bought two balls to be going on with.  I know I will need more but The Runner was with me and I didn't want to have a domestic in the shop so I will have to work out a way of getting back there soon before they sell out of that batch!  Am I wicked?  Probably.  He doesn't know you can't make a hoodie out of two balls of wool.  I do tend to work on a 'need to know' basis with my crafting (and maybe clothes and chocolate).  If it's only going to upset him, then why distress him with the information in the first place?

So now I'm into the realms of tension squares and working out what size needle I need.  I can feel a bit of swearing coming on with this project.

So anyway, while we were in Sidmouth, The Runner had to visit the Little Boys Room, and found this written on the toilet roll holder:

There's a more middle class tone to the graffiti in Sidmouth, isn't there?

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Giveaway Make - Thwarted

Today I have been thwarted.  Every possible person and thing has conspired against me to get anything done.

So here's just a quick peek at some material from my stash:

and hopefully tomorrow it will be made into something to go with my Tea Time Giveaway!

Fingers crossed!

Monday, 15 August 2011

Time for Tea Giveaway

Well, I'm all confussed and discombobulated!

I could have sworn this was my 200th post and now it's telling me its the 201st!

Oh well, hey ho, we'll do the giveaway anyway, shall we?

My first post started with cake, not a bad way to start in my opinion.

Worryingly, whilst looking back at some of my first posts, there seem to be a lot of projects that are still unfinished.

This blithering owl, for example, is still in my blanket box and is waiting to be made into something resembling a soft toy.


It's coming on, I think.  Not quite satisfied with it yet but I'm getting there I hope.

So if you'd like to leave a comment or become a follower, then I'll put all your names in a little pot, shall we say next Monday 22nd August 3pm British Summer Time?

And in return, for the winner, I will gather together some little tea-related trinkets, which will definitely include these:

and anything I can lay my hands on!

I am happy for post internationally, so please have a go at my Time for Tea Giveaway!

Sunday, 14 August 2011

A Typical Sunday

Well, I managed to get three teenagers out of bed before 9.00am this morning and off we jolly well trotted to our local boot sale.

We were on the hunt for Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVDs or videos!  Starfish has a new obsession and so we went with the students to hunt for them.

We came back with Series One on video and a truckload of Buffy books, so it wasn't a complete waste of time!

I also found a little something for 50p:

which will join all my other 'little somethings' in my current glass obsession.

Unfortunately, our little girl from Taiwan managed to find the High School Musical DVD and so we have had to sit through that as well!!  I say 'we' in the loosest sense.  I had to cook the tea, thank goodness, so only had to endure a minimal amount!

See you tomorrow for a giveaway as it is my 200th post.  Way hey!

Saturday, 13 August 2011