Monday, 8 August 2011

Monday Madness

As usual, Monday has been rush, rush, rush!

Work - busy.
Shopping - heavy, and husband couldn't pick me up cos the car wouldn't start!
Kitchen - untidy.  Doesn't anybody else SEE the washing up?
Husband - in a dither cos the car wouldn't start and he needed to go to work tonight.
Students - changing their minds about whether they want to go to the disco or not.  (In the end, one did and one didn't.)
Youngest daughter - badgering me about World of Warcraft until I finally gave in.  Peace at a cost.
Oldest daughter - shut in her bedroom making videos!!!  Don't want to go there.
Students - hogging my computer and closing my game of spider solitaire (no longer 100% stats).
Kettle - buggered.
Last week's student - left a load of stuff behind which I will have to send on.
Crafting - foiled.
Student (the one that went to the disco) - ended up in the sea so now needs everything washed.

Can I go to bed now please with a couple of paracetamol?

Maybe I'll dream of Eric ...

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  1. oh dearie me!! and no. No-one else sees the washing up.


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