Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Two New Projects and Some Graffiti

I'm very good at starting projects.  I have started two this week.  Both for Scary.  Poor Starfish - still she did get some nice woolly socks in the height of summer!

Project number one is a nice woolly pair of socks for Scary (hopefully for her birthday but don't hold your breath), using the Crofters pattern but some different wool.  Sorry, I can't find the ball band and have no recollection of what it's called.

No, I can't tell you what colour it is.  It's ... weird.  Sort of a pinky, purply, orangey affair.  I didn't choose it so the blame is not at my door; she chose it herself.

The other project is more challenging.  In the latest issue of my crochet magazine there was a pattern for this shrug/hoodie thing which I thought Scary would like but I have never crocheted anything to wear before, so dismissed it, even though I secretly wanted to make it.

Well, The Runner took me to Sidmouth today, for a coffee and a nosey round the shops.  It was raining but, hey ho, got to seize the opportunity, haven't you?

I went into this funny little shop which sold wool amongst other things and there, right in front of me, was The Most Gorgeous Wool I have ever seen!  The colours were just fantastic and just what I had envisaged making this shrug/hoodie with.  Well, you cannot resist that amount of fate, can you?  I mean, seeing a pattern one day and The Most Perfect Wool on the Very Next Day!  I'm afraid I didn't even know if it was the correct ply or anything.  I just bought two balls to be going on with.  I know I will need more but The Runner was with me and I didn't want to have a domestic in the shop so I will have to work out a way of getting back there soon before they sell out of that batch!  Am I wicked?  Probably.  He doesn't know you can't make a hoodie out of two balls of wool.  I do tend to work on a 'need to know' basis with my crafting (and maybe clothes and chocolate).  If it's only going to upset him, then why distress him with the information in the first place?

So now I'm into the realms of tension squares and working out what size needle I need.  I can feel a bit of swearing coming on with this project.

So anyway, while we were in Sidmouth, The Runner had to visit the Little Boys Room, and found this written on the toilet roll holder:

There's a more middle class tone to the graffiti in Sidmouth, isn't there?

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