Tuesday, 23 August 2011

What's Going on in Our House at the Moment

Spent yesterday afternoon at the beach, sitting on a deck chair, in a hat, knitting warm socks!  Consequently children still not speaking to me!

However ...

The Runner is at work so, wey hey, I have the remote control and a new set of True Blood DVDs to watch.

Oh Eric ....

I have a walnut whip, Eric and a brief respite from getting up at the crack of dawn to get students out the door.

Oh heaven!

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  1. oooo young man!!! Have you tried the young 'ens with UB40? "I am a 1 in 10" was also on the playlist and made me realise that thay is when the rot started and not a lot has changed since then. Of course my fave UB40 is "Red red wine" but I truly love "Dont break my heart" too. I have indoctrinated my 2 into loving 80's music. I took my daughter to see Heaven 17 at Sheffields "Tramlines" Music festival and she loved "Temptation"!!x


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