Monday, 15 August 2011

Time for Tea Giveaway

Well, I'm all confussed and discombobulated!

I could have sworn this was my 200th post and now it's telling me its the 201st!

Oh well, hey ho, we'll do the giveaway anyway, shall we?

My first post started with cake, not a bad way to start in my opinion.

Worryingly, whilst looking back at some of my first posts, there seem to be a lot of projects that are still unfinished.

This blithering owl, for example, is still in my blanket box and is waiting to be made into something resembling a soft toy.


It's coming on, I think.  Not quite satisfied with it yet but I'm getting there I hope.

So if you'd like to leave a comment or become a follower, then I'll put all your names in a little pot, shall we say next Monday 22nd August 3pm British Summer Time?

And in return, for the winner, I will gather together some little tea-related trinkets, which will definitely include these:

and anything I can lay my hands on!

I am happy for post internationally, so please have a go at my Time for Tea Giveaway!


  1. oooh I'm first to leave a comment..... Like you I too have lots of unfinished things I put them away when I'm not satisfied with how they look then get them out months later only to see they weren't as bad as I first thought DOH !!!
    Karen x

  2. well you know i'm always up for tea!! :)

  3. I love time for tea anything! Please can I enter!
    I am now following too! Great to discover you.
    I am also doing a give away on my blog too for cute juicy lucy goodies.
    Have a good day,

  4. Hi, think that sign could have been specially made for my whole family - we are the tea drinking family of the century. Love it, all the time, any time with anyone. Coffee is a no no, hot chocolate I like the idea of but never lives up to expectations and juice is nice but just doesn't quite do it.

    Tea - Love it.

  5. Hello - thanks for your comment :)

    I'd love to enter your giveaway - well done on reaching 200 posts :)

  6. Did someone say it was time for tea??
    Yes please!


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