Tuesday, 2 August 2011


I've been making quite a few of these lately:

and turning them into either hair clips or brooches. 

With some of them I like to put a button in the middle, but my buttons were in a bit of a mess and so I had to turn them out of boxes and bags and jars every time I needed one small pink button.

Time for a sort-out I thought.

So now they are all colour co-ordinated in jars to make it easier to find exactly what I want.  I even got our foreign students involved in sorting them.  They are really good at colours now!

However, now I have no excuses for getting them all made up!

Just as an aside, evidently Antiques Road Trip was in Honiton today.  Of course, I didn't see anything interesting; just their cars parked outside the church!

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  1. ah! my mum made some of these and made them into brooches which i put on wooly hats in winter :)


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