Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Normal service will resume shortly

Life has been frustrating of late. Slow laptop, no laptop, won't upload photos laptop, no laptop, maybe lost all the files laptop (that was a scary one!), back to slow laptop but WITH files, now seems to be working OK laptop ... where's that piece of wood to touch?!?

Whilst I've been away .... there's been quite a lot of this

and some of this:

a little bit of yomping

some good for the soul freezer filling

a little bit of rain, just to make life more interesting:

Rather a lot of sleepy teenagers:
to celebrate rather a lot of birthdays:
(believe it or not, this one is for Scary, the eldest, now 14)

and this more grown up affair is for the Mad One, now 12:

oh, and Marathon Runner is in there too! (I expect you'll notice that I've got a bit fed up with titivating and decorating by this point and it's all got a little slapdash!)

Hey ho, another cake-fest!

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