Saturday, 31 October 2009

Happy Halloween

Hope you're all having a great Halloween!!

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Time Flies

Okay, where did this week go? Still preparing for our Halloween party so Marathon Runner had to brave The Roof and tomorrow he has to set up a steaming cauldron, dangling spiders and help cut out some black mice. Oh, he will be pleased!
See you soon, I promise ...

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Starching my Boo!

Do you like my Spooky Little Ghost? The pattern is on the Lion Brand Yarn website but you may need to subscribe to their newsletter to access it, I'm not sure. Here's the link anyway: Ghost. Just as an aside, I would ignore the word 'around' in the instructions. I found that rather confusing; however, it might be just me!

I'm a little late, this was meant for Sunday, but we have been a little unnerved by Father-in-Law being taken into hospital, so my apologies.

A while ago I had a seed of an idea. Not a big runner bean seed. More like a lettuce seed. Small and very delicate and easily blown away. It whizzed around my head for a bit and the demon on my left shoulder was telling me I couldn't do it.

When I was a little girl I used to make up knitting patterns for clothes for my dolls but since then, I've been a Strictly by the Pattern Girl. I have a friend who mixes patterns up; she takes the motif from one (usually fair isle to use up wool from a previous project), the design from another and then fits a different collar onto it. And then maybe shortens the sleeves. This brings me out in a Cold Sweat.

So anyway, the Angel on my right shoulder must have taken a drink or two to bolster it's confidence because I thought 'what the hell' and 'who's going to know if I cock it up?'

So this is how it started. Three letters can't be hard, can it? A few attempts and I had a rather curled and disconnected BOO. Marathon Runner rang from work at this point. He was bored. Just in case I was having more fun than him, what was I doing? Starching my boo, I said. Silence. Suddenly he had to go.

What to do with it now? Just a crochet chain? That just seemed a trifle plain. So we went for some dripping blood. What do you think? Not the most brilliant picture, but I just had to show you and the light here today is dreadful. In the next few days I will try and write out my instructions but I think I will make another one first, just to test it. That demon is still telling me that there must be something wrong with it.

See you soon

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Charity shop find

Charity shop find
Originally uploaded by ellouise88
Look what I found in a charity shop for £2.50! The amount of work involved in this tablecloth makes me almost embarrassed to pay such a small amount. Maybe not the most harmonious colours ever put together but I like it. Might be in the minority here, especially in this household. Marathon Runner gave it a derisory grunt and Scary declined to comment!

Mad One is in London today, yes LONDON, my Baby gone to the Big City!

Oh dear, my halloween posts seem to have gone awry today! Tomorrow I promise will be something more SPOOKY.

See you soon

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Rippily Loveliness

In the summer a lovely person asked me how I was getting on with my Attic24 inspired ripple. Unfortunately, for starters Yahoo put the message in my 'Spam' so it was a while before I noticed it, and then we played laptop silly b's and by the time I thought about it again, Yahoo had deleted the message (because it was still in the Spam folder I guess)!

So here it is, an update on The Bright Ripple. For the Lovely Person whose name I cannot remember. It's going reeeallllly sloooowwwly I fancy but I don't think I have ever attempted something this big

I was trying to keep all my posts halloween or autumn orientated this month and I think the colours probably match the halloween feel, don't they? When Scary chose them I was really worried but I am really liking it now. Hope you like it too ...

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Work in Progress

Just a quick look at something I am working on at the moment. No, it's not a set of crochet handcuffs! There is a bit more to do oo ...

Wednesday, 7 October 2009


Autumn is here, the year's growing older,

Evenings draw in, mornings are colder,

Bracken turns yellow, berries turn red

And the Sleepers are secretly making their beds.

No more at evening the flittermouse wheels,

But in belfries and hollow trees hangs by his heels,

The squirrel has gathered plump hazels and set them

In neat private hoards, where he'll mostly forget them.

The Dormouse in sunbeams, sits rubbing his nose,

And blinkily nodding off into a doze,

While the hedgehog by twilight, for such are his habits,

Spreads moss in a snug hole that once was a rabbit's.

Soon they will all of them cosily creep,

Into their bedrooms and tumble asleep,

Even the toad, now as plump as a mole,

Will decide he had better be Toad in a Hole.

The squirrel and dormouse will tuck in their toes,

And make their tails counterpanes over the nose,

While the slumbering hedgehog, since tail he has none,

Tucks his nose where his would be, if he had one.

Hardly they'll breathe, or their hearts beat at all,

Hardly their blood through their bodies will crawl,

Yet rain, frost or snowfall, still cosy and dry,

They will all slumber safely while Winter goes by.

Then, one soft day, they will dream of the sun,

And feel in their bones that the spring has begun,

And, lean but alive, they will waken and then

Nose off down the hedgerow on business again.

I hope you like this poem. I copied it out of a book a long time ago and cannot remember who wrote it, and of course cannot now find the book!!!

Monday, 5 October 2009

Early Preparations

Just a few bits and pieces to get things rolling:-

Balloons; I find them scary enough on their own!

Got to have some chocolate, and what better than chocolate skeletons?

Oh, and eyeballs ....

Just at the end, a little something more pretty. My African Violet has decided to flower, at last!!

Thursday, 1 October 2009


Sooooooo looking forward to our Halloween Party. Now where did I put my broom?