Saturday, 5 June 2010

A Little Jolly to the Seaside

Guess where we went this evening?

After a hard day's work in the garden, planting up my colander amongst other things, no-one felt like cooking, so off we went.

Off to the seaside for some fish and chips.

Have you guessed where we went yet?  It's just over the border into wildest Dorset.

I once walked out to the end of this for a bet during a storm, in a black cape, in the middle of the night!  A bit like someone in a film once.

I love these street lights. 

Morse solved a case here once I think.  At least I'm sure I've read a book with him staying in a sea front hotel.  Can't remember the tv programme though.

Isn't this door just amazing?

A little girl called Mary Anning became famous when she discovered the first complete Ichthyosaurus near here.

Got it yet?

Marathon Runner was rather taken with the name of this place.

Couldn't resist another picture of these dinky little beach huts.

I used to come here a lot with my first boyfriend!  Now that's a long time ago!

Why is there always a big hill?  So much up when you're so full of chips!

I'm sure all you clever peeps have realised that I was in Lyme Regis!  The only trouble with going in the evening is that all the shops are shut!!  (Marathon Runner breathes a sigh of relief!)

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  1. Ooh Fish and chips I've had a craving for some for days.........
    Karen x


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