Thursday, 1 July 2010

Pinch Punch Flump of the Month

Hello People

Well, here's hoping July will be less traumatic than June .... please!

I know what was wrong with June.  Not Enough Cake!  Something I plan to remedy methinks.  Starting tomorrow.  Also looking back through my photos, there are hardly any last month.  Too much lurching from one crisis to the next tends to stagnate the creativity.

We do have a new hamster though.

Following our usual tradition of naming our hamsters after food stuffs, preferably sweets, he is named Flump.  Hmm, no comment.  He is quite cute though.  He has red eyes which is quite scary but he seems friendly enough.

So resolutions for July/August:
  1. More Cake.
  2. More crochet.
  3. More socialising.
  4. More laughing.
  5. More blogging!
Let's do it!


  1. Cake is surely the cure to the world's ills. Cute little creature (though honestly I'm saying that because I only see the picture... if I were there with you and your new pet, I'd be up on top of a chair screaming). Ha!

    Hope you have a fab July!

  2. Great resolutions and a lovely little FLUMP!!!

  3. Great resolutions - I particulary love the laughing one . xxxx

  4. Thanks ladies! I think I have achieved number 1 to 4 quite well BUT NOT number 5!!!! Will be posting soon, I promise!


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