Friday, 8 October 2010

Lazy Day

Today is the first day in months that I have had completely to myself.  So let's start with some brioche please and a nice milky cup of coffee:

The impending celebration of Halloween makes me think I should be starting some creative processes:

We do like to scare the children and make the neighbours tut.

I always used to buy Country Living, but recently I have changed to this magazine:

I shall also be listening to my MP3 today.  I have just downloaded the second book in the Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire Mysteries.  These are the books that are dramatised as True Blood, currently season 2 is on Channel Four.  Oh, it is Good!  (Not for people of a sensitive nature though!)

This one might also feature in my reading today.

 and maybe a little bit of this:

in my favourite spot on the couch (see the dent?)

looking at my seasonal mushrooms

in my beautiful new shelves

looking up at my very own autumnal tree

and steadfastly refusing to look at the Guide badges that need sewing onto the uniform

and this wretched file which is Really Starting to Annoy Me

and even though it is overdue, I will try not to let that worry me when I look at this library book:

Better go and reheat that coffee in the microwave!


  1. Good to see you posting - was thinking about you only the other day when I was wearing my scarf :)

    Love the ripple blanket - perfect for this time of year :)

  2. Sounds like a great day! I want your book shelves!

  3. I can never get enough of homes magazines. Love your bookshelves, I've always had a thing for them. Wow you're related to Norman Hartnell, what a great claim to fame! No famous relations that I've been able to find. x


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