Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Look what we had delivered today!

No, not Starfish!  She's been with me for a long time!

We are now the proud owners of an old but trusty piano.  It's for Scary really but she's either with tall boyfriend or my weird God-daughter; sometimes I lose track of where she is!  Thinking about it, I reckon she's with Weird God-Daughter tonight, back tomorrow with the promise of being home Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

Things have been a bit hectic of late; just about got my cards in the post yesterday along with my last ebay sale, battling through the snow to the Post Office and waiting 25 minutes to get served; spending ages on the phone trying to get a taxi to take us half a mile down the road so that Starfish can get to the chiropodist to change the dressing on her toe (she had another operation on Friday); trying to finish all the knitting and crochet for Christmas along with all the other paraphernalia associated with Yuletide.

I did manage to make Scary a badge for Christmas though ....

She usually can.  Whether you understand it is another matter!


  1. I know what you mean. Just sit down and have another glass of wine!! xxxxx

  2. LOve the week before xmas :) busy..but good busy..have a lovely day :)

  3. Love the badge - ha, ha!! Hope you're less hectic by now. Have a lovely Christmas! Abby


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