Wednesday, 19 January 2011

50p Well Spent

How is it possible that it is WEDNESDAY?  It shouldn't even be Wednesday Last Week, let alone the Nineteenth of Flipping January.

I have been a Little Bit Productive though.  Just a bit.

I've learnt to play 'We All Stand Together' (with both hands!) on the piano.  Woo hoo!

Yes, I know, doesn't exactly get the dinner on the table though, does it?  As far as time wasting goes, the piano is nearly as bad as spider solitaire!

I have got the sewing machine out, gasp.  Look what I made!

I bought a couple of pieces of material (looked like old curtains with the lining and header tape ripped off) from a charity shop for 50p and used one of the pieces to make this bag.  I used some green cotton from my stash to line it and still have some of the flowery left over!

Scary's got her eye on it but it's All Mine.

I am hoping that 2011 is going to be more productive, in a crafty way!

I also managed to find this tin for 50p.

You can't turn down something that that, can you?  No matter how many humphs you know you're going to get when they all come home.


  1. The bag is gorgeous, no wonder scary wants it - so do I.

  2. That bag is fab, I love it! I am also green eyed over your 50p tin, lucky you!


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