Wednesday, 21 September 2011

September Round Up

Well, he's gone back to work at last!  Much as I love him, it is so peaceful to have the house back to myself!

I think we are at the end of all the birthdays at last.  Mother-in-law's birthday is today and now it is just our anniversary on Saturday.  No money left, so I reckon it will have to be a lemon meringue pie again, like Valentines Day last year!

After the marathon bag making session for Scary, I also managed to make a bag for Starfish for her birthday.

The bag was made from a wonderful tutorial found here on Sew4Home which is a site I have found recently and am really impressed with.  Of course, I couldn't follow it exactly, I always have to tweak it a little bit (just like with recipes)!

I was so impressed with it, that I made another one for mother-in-law,

but as you can see, I didn't get around to taking a picture of it finished and The Runner had whipped it away and posted it before I thought about it!  I hope you can see the general gist of it though.  I made the handle out of the floral material on the bottom of the bag and had two more grey buttons and two blue beads for the closing at the top.  The material on the right is the lining, with an internal pocket made out of the floral fabric and a little bit of ribbon along the seam line (mainly because I messed up sewing a straight line!  I've always said that creativity is mainly about hiding your mistakes!)

Poor Marathon Runner didn't get anything handmade (except his cake!).  Well, I did make him a new pair of pants recently!  What more does he want?

Well, he is Irish (he eats a lot of potatoes)!!

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  1. Fantastic bag. I really like your fabric choices.


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