Monday, 20 June 2011

Can I Go To Work Now (For A Rest)?

A little bit of shortbread,

a few slices of gingerbread,

some 'flower' lollipops,

a fudge tart or two (recipe in the side bar), the odd lemon drizzle cake,

some bakewell tarts,

a brilliant pan and dibber thing borrowed from a friend

to make mini tarts, eg rolo and jam ones,

all came together for a Cake Stall in a very windy and rainy street over the weekend.

Scary has signed up for a trip to India next year to help renovate an orphanage with a charity called World Challenge.  It's all very heartwarming and altruistic but the bottom line is that she has to raise over £3,000.  Gulp! 

When I'd picked myself up off the floor, I figured that I'd better do something to help and baking seemed to be the answer.  Cake is always the answer!

Most of the time, we were hanging on to the gayzebra and trying to keep things dry!

Middle of June!  It felt more like the depths of winter!

Can I tempt you?

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