Wednesday, 15 June 2011

This Weekend I Have Mostly Been ...

doing wedding-y things!

A lovely friend of mine and her long-time partner decided to tie the knot on Saturday, so consequently last week was taken up with frantically trying to finalise outfits for my two girls (no, didn't have time to even think about mine!) and helping out with the food.

So I have been making lemonade for the wedding welcoming non-alcoholic alternative drink ...

making blinis (well, little savoury pancakes, not sure they were bona fide blinis) to be topped with cream cheese and smoked salmon for hors d'oeuvres,

scrubbing the living room carpet because Tall Boyfriend wasted a whole mug of tea on it,

batch baking lasagne for the freezer because I had a job lot of veg that needed using up,

painting nails,

and customising charity shops finds for my girls.  Photos to come soon on that last one!

And it's even taken me until Wednesday to get the blog post done!!

Hey Ho!


  1. What a gorgeous slice of life in one blog post. I once got to the morning of a wedding before I realised I hadnt given any thought to my outfit!!! I had been too busy organising everybody else! xxxx

  2. Yes, that's what happened with me! In the end I managed to cobble together two outfits; one for the ceremony and one for the evening!

  3. Wow!! You've been a busy one! I'm sure the wedding will be wonderful. What a great friend you are to help so much. :)


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