Thursday, 31 May 2012

Wrapping Crisis

Just a quick post to show you a bag I customised with the help of my lovely German student that is staying with us at the moment.

We started with a plain white bag (from a sandwich shop!) and a little bit of second-hand pink tissue paper which I couldn't bear to throw away.

I remembered this inspiring post from a website called Fiskars and thought I'd have a go.

It also meant I could have a little practice with my new Big Shot that I've had for ages now and haven't had time to use much.

I suppose there must have been about ten layers of tissue paper that I cut, all at the same time, with a flower cutter.  I stapled it in the middle and then fluffed up the paper and then glued it to the bag.  I think perhaps I could have done with more layers on the biggest one, but ten seemed fine with the smaller ones.  I cut a tag with double sided paper; see the other side -

and ta da!

Another wrapping crisis averted!

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