Saturday, 23 January 2010

Feeling Pleased with Myself

I started this at least two years ago with some leftover wool from knitting a toy, Kipper the Dog I think, and more leftovers from a school jumper. I found it in the cupboard, half sewn together. when I eventually got around to turning out MY CUPBOARD over Christmas:-
Didn't it look tidy back then? Ahem.
Anyway, I digress. It looked a bit sad and inadequate (the crochet, not the cupboard). Too small for a blanket and although there was some wool left over, I couldn't remember what crochet hook I had used for the squares. So I finished joining it together, and carried on around the edge until there was no wool left. It's still a bit small for my liking, but it will make an OK lap/travelling blanket.

I feel pathetically pleased with myself having finished a project that has been littering up my house and mind for so long.
Only another 500 unfinished projects to go .....

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