Sunday, 10 January 2010

What I've Been Up To

The snow is still looking beautiful, at least it is from indoors, which is where I have stayed as much as possible lately!

I sent Marathon Runner out with the camera. The first few shots were interesting. This is the only one I can actually make out what it is!

His feet. Hmm.

This is Honiton High Street last week.

I fancy this snow creates rather a lot of washing.

Meanwhile, indoors

Marathon Runner and Mad Child have started a 1,000 piece jigsaw! They've been at it for days and have only done the edge! Not sure I can cope with an extra table in the dining room until Easter, which is how long I think it's going to take.

There's been a bit of experimental baking from a new recipe book received at Christmas. Not 100% successful, hence no picture! Worth persevering with though, I think, lots of lovely ideas in there.
Decided to make some old favourites, coffee buns and date slices instead! I can do them with my eyes shut and they don't use a whole pot of peanut butter!
There has been another sign of spring, even if it is indoors!

Today I made myself a microwavable rice pillow. I am hoping it will help with my frozen shoulder, which I seem to have had FOREVER. Not something you would wish on your worst enemy. I added a few lavender buds and used up the brown rice that nobody likes!

I've also been playing with making badges out of material. (Not sure where I am going with this but thought I'd give it a try.)

Hopefully the little darlings will be back at School tomorrow (please). There have been rather a lot of tweens and teenagers here over the last few days, all wanting fed of course. Not sure how many more toasted cheese sandwiches I can rustle up without inserting said butty into one of the recipient's orifices!

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