Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year and So Long Doctor!

Crunching through the garden today, I found one sign of life! Couldn't find any snowdrops, but they don't seem to like our soil, or perhaps the mice eat them, because every year I have to replant. It was too bloomin' cold to stay out there long so I just de-iced the bird bath and took a few shaky (I was shivering!) photos. There is a little bit of colour on one of my camelias but I was shivering too hard by this point to get any good photos! I think perhaps a camera tripod should have been on my Christmas List!

Marathon Runner has been using his time off work well and has been practising his knotwork.

He's back to work now, poor thing! (Phew!)

So what did you think of David Tenant's final episode in Dr Who? We loved the way he went back and visited everyone. He didn't go willingly though did he? No, siree, he ranted a bit first! A few tears were shed (mainly by me! It's that blimin' Bernard Cribbins that does it!) Mad Child is wild about The Doctor and no doubt she will be dissecting this episode for weeks! She remembers every single detail; I don't know how she does it. But then, I guess her brain isn't full of whether her sister's favourite purple top can go in the tumble drier (label's faded), what's for tea tomorrow (have we got enough potatoes left?) and have I apologised to everyone I forgot to send Christmas cards to (no).
Well, Happy New Year people and here's hoping we all have a healthy and craftily productive one!

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  1. The young man doesn't like the look of the new doctor, but I say we have to give him time!! Happy New Year. xx


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