Thursday, 8 April 2010

Bits and Pieces

Fancy a bun?

Not sure where this week has gone but spring has definitely sprung!

Poor Scary went to the Orthodontist this week and has to have four teeth out AND a brace to get her teeth straight!  I've heard that once they get the braces, it is quite 'cool' but at the moment she is very slowly coming to terms with it.  I think she is wondering what The Boyfriend will think about it.

What did you think of the new Dr Who then?  We thought he was excellent!  Mad Child really liked the comment "Get a girlfriend Geoff!"  Of course, we also had Ashes to Ashes and Jonathan Creek over the weekend so for us it was top notch televisual entertainment.  About time something decent was on though.

Anyway, still haven't shown you my birthday presents but it's getting a bit late now so will try and do that tomorrow.

Many thanks for all your lovely comments and I'm still working on the scarf so that hopefully it will be ready to post next Monday (have had to start it again, bah!).

See you soon.  Gotta finish my birthday chocolate before the gannets get home!  Go on, have another bun!


  1. Spring sprung here a few weeks ago and now we are getting very cold temperatures...must have just been teasing us. Glad you had a good birthday, enjoy that chocolate! About half the children in dd's class have braces and they all compare the different colours they get for their bands, the girls get different colours for different seasons! The cupcakes/buns look yummy....Heather

  2. Put the kettle on I'll be round for a bun shortly lol....

  3. I'm so jealous of you right now!! :) I just LOVE Dr. Who (discovered the show via my Hubby who was a fan of the old series). Anyway, we see new episodes on BBC America and they tend to play them here months after you have enjoyed them. **Sigh** I will just live vicariously through you for now! :) ha ha

    Those little cakes look so very yummy!


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