Saturday, 17 April 2010

Skulls and Basil The Bat

I have been a bit out of sorts this week and so have not felt like putting fingers to keyboard I'm afraid, but hopefully I am back in the swing now!  Bloggy giveaway scarf is finished, the sun is shining and all is well with the world!

Do you remember that jigsaw puzzle Marathon Runner started way back in January?  And I jokingly said it wouldn't be finished until Easter!  Well, he finished it two days ago!  I have been walking around that flippin' table for three and a half months!!

Mind you, it was quite challenging!

And a bit creepy.

With lots of skulls

and Basil the Bat

Marathon Runner wants me to point out that he has done it HIMSELF.  "None of this we've done it" he said.

I think I shall enjoy breaking this up on Monday when he's bogged off to work!

PS  I did do 9 pieces when he was out one day and I was bored!!!  Shhh!


  1. We once had a jigsaw puzzle on our living room table for over a year. Never again!!!!

  2. Oh, that's just too funny! We've also had the never-ending jigsaw puzzle endeavor...and I agree with Simone - never again! :)


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