Saturday, 24 April 2010


Just thought I would share some pictures from the Easter holidays when we walked along Exeter canal.

It is quite rare these days to get Scary to come with us anywhere!  She is off with her own friends or the boyfriend so much, we hardly see her.  It was lovely to spend the day all four of us together.

It was really cold that day and we weren't quite sure which side of the canal we should be walking, but as it turned out, it didn't matter.  Both sides get you to the Double Locks Hotel, which is where we were headed.

There were loads of swans picking up bits of twig, starting to make their nests.

We were glad to get to the Double Locks.  I used to go there a lot and have very fond memories of (drunken!) nights spent there.  However, although the food was OK, I fancy the cleanliness left a lot to be desired.  And the boy serving me probably wasn't even born the last time I was there!!!!

Poor ducks!  It was bloody cold!


  1. Looks lovely, those ducks look cold, i didn't think ducks could look cold haha
    Hav a fun weekend, thanks for my parcel xxxx

  2. What lovely photos. So nice that you had a chance for some quality family time. :)

  3. Poor little ducks with their heads tucked into their shoulders! No wonder they don't want to get into the chilly water!


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