Monday, 3 May 2010

Queen of the May

Hello, dear friends.  I am so sorry I have been such a naughty blogger lately.  Time seems to have disappeared into thin air!

I am pleased that Vintage Vicki and Claire from My Little Life were pleased with their giveaway prizes.

For Vicki I knitted a blue lacy scarf and bought some postcards from Country Lines in Honiton:

and for Claire I crocheted a little owl, from this pattern, from Roman Sock

and a few more postcards, but I forgot to take a picture of them.  Duh!

Isn't it funny that the two people Marathon Runner picked out of the bowl were both from Suffolk!

I also made another little owl for my owl-mad godmother, who had a birthday recently.  (Her present is wrapped in the brown parcel.)

We had a lovely moon the other day.  My camera is a bit rubbish but I managed to get a reasonable photo as Mad Child and I walked home from Guides.

Isn't it amazing that you throw something away because it doesn't flower, and then, hey presto, there it is flowering!

Aren't things supposed to rot when you put them in the compost heap?

Finally, I was reminded today of this post from last year, when the children and I went to Kingsbury May Festival in Somerset.  This year of course, Scary had better things to do, but Mad Child can still be bribed to come!

She tried a little bit of archery, and now wants to be in Robin Hood's gang.

Yes, she's still into penguins!

I think Mad Child took this one!  (There was some poor devil underneath that!)

The food was very good, lots of choice and I thought quite reasonably priced.  These were the vegetarian options

but there was also a hog roast and various other alternatives, and some very odd things that tasted a bit like doughnuts

The town band was playing in the churchyard

and a good day was had by all, even if it was a little bit cold!

I couldn't resist this.  What is it they say about owners being like their dogs???


  1. Hi We went to a May Fair, I forget to mention it on my post, sems like ages ago already.
    Lots of good jumble stalls and very cheap.
    Big pile of crochet patterns for £1 !
    Sue x

  2. Lovely giveaway prizes! I believe the doughnut tasting thingies are called churros. I captured the full moon last week too. Wasn't it gorgeous? The owners and their dogs picture is spot on!

  3. Congratz on your successful give-aways! Looks like you had quite a fun time at that May festival. Love the dog/owner picture. Too funny!! :)


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