Saturday, 26 December 2009


Anyone fancy a sweetie? Mad Child needed some 'focus' today so we made some Christmas truffles (with rum), peppermint creams and ginger truffles (with whisky). Hic!
We tarted up some old chocolate boxes

and hey presto, we had a couple of presents! One for our neighbours, who help us out such a lot with those technical things that Marathon Runner doesn't quite understand, and one for a hamper for my Godmother, who we went to see this afternoon.

I wasn't planning on doing a whole hamper; it just sort of escalated from the sweets. Bet she'd like a jar of your marmalade! What about some of that pickle? And those chillies we dried in the summer! The only thing we included not homemade was a small bottle of wine which had been bought for something none of us can remember!

Anyway, it looked lovely, even if I say so myself!
Hope you're all having a well deserved rest!

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