Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Do you really mean burlesque?

Let me introduce you to Henrietta.

Do you think she's cute? I got her at the Exeter Craft Fair on Saturday. I have several already from John Hilder in Seaton. Look at her lovely wings and tail and what do you call those things down her back?

It was a lovely day spent with my Mad Daughter, although she doesn't always share my enthusiasm for all things crafty. The trick is to keep feeding her!

Talking of feeding people, soon my friend and I have to make some refreshments for a play at School. We did it last year and all our cakes and bakes went down rather well so, guess what, we've been volunteered to do it again!

This show has been written by a teacher at the school, so we had no idea what it was about. Said teacher asks my friend very kindly if we could dress up and 'theme' our refreshments. Hmm, she says, what theme? Burlesque, he says. Off she trots, what's burlesque, she asks me? Hmm, says I, think it's a bit sort of can-can dancer. I'll go home and have a look on good 'ol Google.

My face must have been a picture when I looked at Google images. Oh I say, oooh really, have I got this right? It took me fifteen pages to find any ladies with a decent amount of clothes actually on! I don't think they make those tassles in size 36HH! Scary Daughter and Marathon Runner think it's hilarious. Having spoken to him again, I think we've come to the conclusion that what he really means is sort of Gothic Victorian. Damn, I was just getting the corset out!

So anyway, we've decided to go with a black and white theme for the refreshments, so I had a little practice tonight with some (ever so slightly out of date) black icing I found in the cupboard!

What do you think? Will this do?

Maybe I can get some black paper cases.

I still rather fancy that corset though ...

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