Monday, 22 June 2009

Teacups & Midsummer

Merry Midsummer (yes, I know I'm a bit late)!

Aren't they lovely?

These are the cups I use twice a week to make tea and coffee at the Senior Citizens Centre. My Nana used to have a set exactly like them and it feels somehow right that I am a temporary guardian of something so steeped in my own history. I know I am in the minority here! Marathon Runner tells me frequently how eccentric I am, forming attachments to the strangest items. (I think a very old fork and a geometry set feature high in this list.)

On the 'for sale' table there was a lovely assortment of three cups, four saucers and one plate just begging for a good home! Who could resist that?

Roses and coconut buns!

Doesn't it feel really decadent to have a design on the inside of the cup?

Talking of roses, I wish you could smell this one. It is Alec's Red, a hybrid tea.

Now Midsummer's Day is over, it's all downhill til Christmas!

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  1. I sat in an antique/coffee shop yesterday looking at the lovely vintage china teacups. There are some really pretty ones...but to be honest I do prefer a great big mug when I have tea or coffee!!


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