Sunday, 28 June 2009

Getting to know you

The first day with a new student is always a bit challenging. Poor things, I do feel for them. Plonked in a strange country, usually not understanding much of the language and with Scary being a typical monosyllabic teenager. However, they seemed to be getting on reasonably well considering we lacked the usually chatty Mad One. (Scary on the right here.)

The Maze at Escot proved quite demanding. Those rotten buggers have gates that they change each time you go there! Yes, this is the middle but we are on a bridge only about 20 feet away!
We did make it to the centre, but only after following someone that looked like they knew where they were going!

The tyre swing came next, while I sat on a wonderfully rustic carved seat looking at the sky!

Another swing now. Come on Scary, put your back into it!

That's a bit better!

Spanish girl gets it right away!

I think we're going to get on well with this one. Despite her lack of English, she smiles, eats well and has impeccable manners.

Roll on tomorrow when I get my Baby back! Good excuse for a cake, don't you think?

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