Thursday, 25 June 2009

My baby's all grown up!

I've had a day of mixed emotions. My youngest, the Mad One, is going on her Year 6 residential trip this weekend. She is SOOOOOOOO excited! A whole weekend with her friends, doing wonderful things like abseiling and getting covered in mud. (And just being away from parents!) I can't help but share her enthusiasm but deep in my heart I remember when Scary did this, that weekend was the turning point from child into young adult.

How can all those years have whizzed by so fast?

Scary, meanwhile, has died her hair black (instead of the blond, remember?), went out last weekend on the Saturday with one boy, stayed at her girlfriend's house overnight, and came back with a different boyfriend on the Sunday! Hmmmm.

Marathon Runner says I need to get a dog! No thanks, I say, I'll wait for some grandchildren. That usually shuts him up!

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