Sunday, 7 March 2010

A Grizzly Day

Today dawned bright and fresh. Very fresh actually. Rather chilly when you are hanging around waiting for your husband to finish a race.

Even Seaton (!) looked nice in the sunshine. Time for a few pensive moments before one of the toughest races. It's called by some 'edge-of-sanity' running!

Marathon Runner was taking part in 'The Grizzly', a 20 mile multi-terrain race starting in Seaton, Devon and going through Branscombe and Beer and eventually back to Seaton.
When they say multi-terrain, that's exactly what they mean. It starts off doing a loop on the pebbly beach. That in itself would wear me out. I can't even walk on the pebbles without twisting my ankle.
Roads, fields, bogs, beaches, steps, hills, rivers, oh and cow muck!

Do you fancy having a go? 2001 people entered and the entries were closed in one week!

I wonder why they let that extra '1' in?

You wouldn't think there were that many daft buggers about would you but they come from all over the world to do this.

At least this guy seems to have got the right idea!

Oh look, another hill.

I don't think the sun stopped shining all day.

On the way around they have a few people to raise your spirits(!).

And they even have a shrine for you to leave your offerings.

They also have a tree onto which you can tie ribbons but Marathon Runner didn't like to take a picture of this, as a lady was there crying!
Oh look, here's some mud!

This is near the end of the race. You see the white cliff at end of the beach? Just when you think you're nearly finished, you have to make your way up that cliff!

Can't show you the pictures from the end because the camera broke! I have taken some with the 35mm one but of course I will have to wait for them!
For all his efforts, Marathon Runner got a round of applause, a (rather unpleasant) chocolate milkshake, a banana and a pink t-shirt!

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  1. What beautiful scenery! I'd never be able to run such a race, but how admirable of those that do! Thanks for sharing.


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