Saturday, 13 March 2010

Three cups: egg, cakes and 36JJ

A certain teenager was trying my patience today.  So I thought I deserved a present:

Four little eggcups, just in time for Easter, from a nice little shop called Leaf Street.

Then home and a little more experimental baking from my new-ish cook book 1001 Cupcakes, Cookies and other tempting treats: banana and pecan cupcakes.

Just have to try one, in the interests of quality control.  Would hate to serve up something that wasn't up to spec.

On to cup number 3.  During an attempt at an unknown yoga position whilst trying to reach a spoon lodged at the back of the dishwasher last night, there was a rather loud snack in my vicinity.  Marathon Runner enquired what was that?

Well, the RSJ in the left cup of my brassiere had just snapped in two!

Quick as a flash, he says: "well, that one's tits up then"!

More like down, I think.  Oh well, have to visit this lot I supppose.

(image from Bravissimo)

Do you think it will suit me?


  1. Love the egg cups. The cupcakes look pretty good too.

  2. Thanks for the wonderful laugh! :)

  3. Just popped in to say hello,I have enjoyed rading your blog and will visit again. We have the same love/hate thing going on with Tesco lol.... Is that picture not you then ?
    Please pop over and say hello if you have time.

  4. I like all the cups!!! I especially like the cupcakes!

  5. The cupcakes are all gone but I can offer some sultana flapjack, if you're feeling peckish?

  6. I think if you wear that, then bend over to retrieve something from the dishwasher, you could end up in bother!!!

  7. Ah ha! But what sort of bother? Would I like it?!?

  8. Like the eggcups, like the cakes, not sure about the other, looks scratchy to me! Give me sensible cotton undies anyday of the week haha x


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