Saturday, 20 March 2010

People Don't Cross the Street to Avoid Me Anymore!

I am so lucky Marathon Runner likes to bake bread.

He has the weekend off, so you never know, we might get a few little jobs done!  That's when he recovers from Ireland losing their rugby match, that is.  Awww diddums.

Yesterday I had a lovely surprise.  After several years of extremely hard work with the local Parents and Teachers Association at the Primary School, I have finally hung up my secretary's hat and I received these lovely goodies from the new Committee.

Shhh, don't tell Marathon Runner about the chocolates!  I'll happily share the wine with him though.

I never was very good with flower arranging I'm afraid.  Why do they always look like they've just been plopped into the vase, however long I fiddle and fart-ass around with them?

Parents can stop avoiding me now!

However, I will be keeping a wary eye open for the PTA Committee at the secondary school.  Once lumbered, twice shy!

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  1. The bread looks lovely as does the flowers wine and chocolate!


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