Thursday, 18 March 2010

What I've Been Up To

Well, where have the last five days gone?  There's been a little bit of this:

Followed by a bit of this:

Some cutting out, some baking, some cleaning (!), some working and some viewing:

I'm not overly into vampires, but I stumbled upon this a few episodes into the series and got hooked.  When I ascertained that no-one was rushing around getting me a Mother's Day present, I decided to buy it for myself!  Oh err, not one for the children, however, much as they are into the undead!

Spring has definitely sprung and the weather has been lovely, although we have had a little rain tonight.  It's quite nice to be able to go out in a light coat.

Many thanks to you all for the lovely comments lately and, please keep reading, because I'm coming up to my 100th post and also my birthday, so who knows what will happen then?

This fellow has been hovering around a lot lately:

Do you think they have come to take me away, ha ha?


  1. It looks like you have been busy! I have been busy with the crafting and the cooking and now I really need to get busy with the cleaning too! The spring flowers look really pretty. The weather has not been great here and the daffodils are still not out! I couldn't watch your DVD. I have a blood phobia! Have a lovely weekend.x

  2. I interviewed Dawn Olivieri for Primer awhile back and she mentioned she was gonna be in True Blood. I don't know how major her role is, though.

    Anyway, congrats on nearing 100 blog posts - I think 100 is my favorite milestone for anything.

  3. Never mind the bum I wish my waist was that lovely apron by the way.


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