Friday, 12 March 2010

Tesco are at it again!

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Tesco Stores plc. They are the only semi-decent supermarket in my town and so logistics dictate that this is where I shop. There are two other smaller supermarkets but I cannot get everything we like in either one, or even both together.

Even so, I very rarely buy meat in there as I go to a local butcher and sometimes get my vegetables from good old Riverford.

(image from Riverford Blog)

Short of driving 15 miles into Exeter every week, shopping in the local Tescos is my inevitable destiny.

So obviously I have a Clubcard and I usually do very nicely out of it. We have had tickets to theme parks, subscriptions to magazines, saved them up to (almost) pay for my daughter's laptop, etc. Lovely job, thank you. Would rather you just made my groceries cheaper, but hey, might as well get what you can!

So, to the point. We have really big bags (mostly Tesco ones) to take to the supermarket, to get our points do our green bit.


Always in the past we have been given 2-3 green points for a big bag and 4 for a box, because if you used their carriers, that is probably the number of bags you would use.

Two weeks ago we had a big shop (£140 worth) and when I got home I noticed that I had only been given 7 bag points.  I'd like to see someone get all that shopping in 7 carrier bags.  I think that may warrant a visit from the Guinness Book of World Records.  I'd then like to see them pick up the bags and carry them!

This week (just over £100) I was only given 5 points.  So I complained.  Believe me when I say this does not come naturally to me (unlike my Marathon Runner).

Evidently since Christmas, they have been told that one bag = one point.  Doesn't matter if the bag is the size of a small country.  It's still one point.

So all of this:

will go into one carrier bag, right?

Just thought you might like to know. 

Rant over.


  1. That was a bit mean of them wasn't it? When I go to Tesco's the assistant usually asks me how many bags did I use and then she doubles it! I rarely buy fresh food from Tesco. The last time I bought fresh minced beef from there it said 'previously frozen'!

  2. At least you supermarket gives you points for each bag. Here if we don't bring our own we pay 5 cents to use a plastic bag or 99 cents to buy a reusable one. And not even a thank you if we bring our own.

  3. Tesco's suck ,yes .I have had much trouble with self service checkout machines not registering coins i have put in, and also omitting "2 for 1" discounts from the total. The most annoying thing was 2 members of staff standing by their machine and giving me looks of reproach , Grr. I boycott them totally now ( once again ,and hopefully forever )
    in the UK that is .
    All the Best to YOU.

  4. I have a love/hate relationship with Tesco too. We have a Tesco Extra very close buy. It's too big, and I only shop there under protest. Saying that, when I am dragged there, I do like a mooch through their homeware aisles. It's annoying, but you can find a bargain or two. On occasions I have been, the cashier hasn't added any bag points on my receipt! Just down the road from where I work there's a Tesco Express, and as much as I hate going in, it is convenient. Does anyone use the self-serve tills? x

  5. Hi just discovered your blog, for some reason I cant see any photos on any blogs tonight - think husband must have put the family protection thing on again - is there some problem with knitting I wonder?
    Anyway- blog looks good and I am now a follower
    Best wishes
    PS I hate self service tills - why should we do all the work !!


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