Wednesday, 24 March 2010

A Little Get-Together at Twilight

To celebrate the dvd release of the latest Twilight film, Mad Child wanted to have a little gathering to celebrate with her girlie vampire wannabees, so Mum tries her best to make it special.

It's amazing what you can do with a spare sheet (good job Scary has black sheets), a few apples and some roses.

These mats I printed out from Hostess with the Mostess here.  They recommend that you take the file to a print shop, but I took it to my local one and they looked at me like I was mad, then said they would charge at least £4 per page and then said they couldn't do it at all because it was the wrong format, even though they were looking at it on their computer screen when they told me this. 

I've a feeling I might have said "right" a bit like Basil Fawlty before hauling my memory stick through the rain back home and printing it out perfectly successfully on my own printer.  I did use photo paper and the 'best photo' setting on the printer though, as well as laminating them.

Do you see the napkins?  Mad Child did those from her origami book.  They are swans, get it?

The Hostess also had some drink labels which I stuck onto some J2O bottles.  Yes, I know I should've soaked off the top labels first but I just didn't have the time!

I also managed to find some red and black straws in my local paper shop.  I'm glad I went in there because I had no idea they sold so much cake decorating paraphernalia. 

I must admit that I was really pleased with my cupcakes, although I think perhaps I might have been on my own here.  I had to explain to Marathon Runner what it was and he still looked dead unimpressed.

I got an "Oh Mum" from Scary in that sort of voice she uses when I've been knitting fruit and vegetables.

I got the idea from here but I didn't faff about with cherry pie filling.  I just put a bit of seedless raspberry jam into a syringe (the kind you use for squirting nasty medicine into babies) and splodged it on.

Please tell me you know what it is.

Bearing in mind I worked this morning and this was all done this afternoon, I feel quite pleased with myself.  Just don't ask me to do anything tomorrow except eat up the rest of the cakes!


  1. Your daughter certainly is one lucky lady! Such a fantastic spread for her Twilight party. Well done!

  2. Holy crap. You are the best mom on Earth. And yes, I totally knew what those cupcakes were all about even before I clicked through,.

    I hope Mad Child and her friends enjoyed the 2+ hours of non-stop sexy shirtlessness. That wolf boy had to put on like 26 pounds of muscle just to get the part. Ugh. Needless to say, my wife has requested that I start doing some sit ups.

  3. Well it all looks fantastic! I think you have done a fab job!!
    Enjoy the cakes! ;-)

  4. Love them! Such a perfect copy of what they say a vampire bite looks like LOL. I second Christy your daughter is one lucky child to have you as a mother.

  5. OH. MY. I want to have a Twilight Party. And i eant you to do the decorations. Please. :)


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