Friday, 5 February 2010


Well, I've seen this National Blogging Month 'thing' on other sites and wondered what it was, so I registered on the site in January and have been ever so secretly contemplating doing it. I did a short post on 1st February, just because it's nice to do one on the first of a new month. Then on the 2nd I bought something I wanted to share. Better do a quick one on the 3rd, just to keep my options open. Then on the 4th I had a really busy and interesting day so might as well do another post and suddenly I was there copying and pasting to the NaBloPoMo website! Oh dear, what have I started?

I have a few Valentine projects to do, and today I had planned to make a start but a new recipe for a beef and ale pie thwarted my plans, along with a very large unexplained telephone bill which had to be sorted out and a direct debit which still appeared to be going out of my account even though it had been cancelled in October!!! I really should check my statements more often!

The pie was worth all the faffing about, I think. I have managed to reduce the phone bill and although I haven't claimed back the lost money yet, at least no more will be going out of my account unnecessarily. So finances have been dealt with, but no Valentine craftiness!

Oh well, there's always tomorrow, unless I get distracted by the book I bought today in the sale at WH Smith:

Can you hear my lips smacking together?

PS Happy Birthday Sal's Snippets!

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