Sunday, 28 February 2010

Wow! I Did The NaBloPoMo Challenge!

I am quite amazed that I have completed this challenge! The last week has been hard because of feeling under the weather but on the whole, this has been really enjoyable!

I will try this again, but maybe not next month!

There are a couple of things I will try and do differently I think. Trying to do my post earlier in the day, is one. Most of my posts have been after 10.30pm! This puts just a little bit too much of a time pressure on one, particularly if you've no idea what you are going to write about! (And trying to watch CSI at the same time.) Taking more photos earlier in the day is another must. So many pictures have been shadowy because I hadn't realised how dreadful our lighting is until now!

So, it is 11.30pm again and I guess that is the end of February 2010!

Here's to more blogging and crafting! See you next month.

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