Saturday, 13 February 2010

Baking Day

Do you like ginger biscuits?

I made one or two today.

Mad Child also made some 'fork cookies' or something like that. (I think that's what she said!!!) She looked up the recipe and did it all herself whilst I battled with the computer trying to put a Flickr montage onto my sidebar (I was unsuccessful!)

There's also a little chocolate something in the background for tomorrow!

I also started The Lemon Meringue Pie but didn't quite have time to do the topping, so I will have to do that in the morning! (So no pie in bed tomorrow morning!)
He was a little late home from work this evening(!!), so I think it's a good job I've at least started The Pie methinks.

It's really heart-warming to get nice comments, thanks a bundle people and so glad you like my witterings, Ramble Time- Reinvented!
Here's hoping you all have a WONDERFUL Valentine's Day, with lots of chocolate and flowers and kisses. That's what I am hoping for (oh and a little bit of Pie!)
See you soon

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  1. I love ginger biscuits and ginger cake!
    Hope your day is a good one
    ;-) xxx


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