Friday, 19 February 2010

First, Take One Ghastly Vase ...

Someone gave this to me a few years ago and I'm sorry but I've never liked it. I have lived with it in the downstairs loo (or 'cloakroom' if you're posh) for ages, waiting for her to use the loo and see it but she must have the constitution of a camel because no matter how many coffees I pour into her, she never 'goes'!

I've perched it precariously on the windowsill and placed tall flowers in it, secretly hoping someone knocks it off. I have treated it rather shabbily and plopped it in the sink rather roughly and the wretched thing is still haunting me. I put it into the charity box, and Marathon Runner brought it back in because 'he likes it'!!!!

So I give up.

I do like the shape however, so maybe there is hope.

Attic 24 does some lovely things with jamjars here. It gave me an idea.

Marathon Runner is still complaining that he likes it the way it is and that he doesn't see why it needs a tank top. We'll be eating chicken in a basket and wearing flares next, he says.

However, I have reached the point of needing to decrease and I've made the bottom of it too tight to fit over the middle of the vase!

Would it be cheating if I did 'back and forth'/flat rows and then sewed it up?

Think I'll leave that problem for tomorrow!

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