Friday, 26 February 2010

Fruitless Friday

I'll admit I am struggling this week.

I think it is mainly that I have been under the weather and so haven't felt like doing much.

I did manage to make some Lemon Cakes today. This one:

is for us and there is another one for the Senior Citizens Cake Stall tomorrow morning which is still in the tin. By the time I had made these and a few phone calls, I was ready to sit down again. The most craft I have managed has been a bit of my bright ripple blanket.

I did however browse a little on good old ebay, looking for a few fabrics towards a quilt I am planning for my bed. At the moment I have stolen a fleece from the living room to keep me warm when Marathon Runner works nights but if I am to believe that my mantelpiece will be ready for my birthday (!), then the fleece will have to be returned to it's rightful place. Re The Mantelpiece - one man has come to measure for the brackets and the wood has been taken away to be polished and varnished, so here's hoping....

Anyway, back to the material. This is what I have bought today:

I am going for greens and creams with a little brown and perhaps red thrown in but I want it to be a bit more contemporary than I usually manage. We'll see.

Anyway, off to Exeter tomorrow with the girls to buy jeans and trendy things. Nothing for me then! See you soon

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