Wednesday, 10 February 2010

More Valentine Garlands

Hello Dear Hearts! (Didn't Ermintrude used to say that?)

(Apologies for the crappy photos! Didn't have as much time as planned today.)

Three and counting .... these are getting rather addictive! I started with the one on the left: do you notice that they are getting longer?

Well done, One Hour Craft for this one. It really is soooo easy and used up some of the papers I had lying around. Even though I am not much into paper craft as much as fabrics and yarns, I had still managed to collect rather a lot of them!

Some lovely purple, pink and orange ones.

Greens and pinks.

And the fluorescent ones for Scary, but I fancy the ones with the patterns look a bit better.

I am so taken with these that today I actually bought some more patterned papers to make some more! I did try and get some red paper today but the lady in the shop looked at me and said "but we sold all the red at Christmas!"
Honestly anyone would think it was Valentine's Day or something!
Is it just me?
Time for bed said Zebedee.
PS Are they still called garlands if they hang downwards rather than across?

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