Monday, 22 February 2010

Ever Seen A One-Legged Emu?

Well, you have now!

Do you remember the "Super Cute Crochet" book I bought last year? My friend's birthday is next week and she said how much she liked the emu when she looked at the book so I'm making this one for her.

This book has peculiar little biographies of each character, the funniest of which is about Andy the Alien. He came to Earth because they don't have cheese on his planet. There are also the Sugar Mice, so named because they think they look like the pop band, Sugababes. You get the idea.

My friend and I were sniggering at the descriptions and so I think I will have to write one particular to my friend. She is very eco-conscious so I think we will go along the lines of: Eleanor the Eco Emu. She doesn't fly because of the carbon emissions and she runs really fast to minimise her footprints.

What do you think?

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