Monday, 15 February 2010


My youngest Mad Child is a bit strange, hence 'Mad'. At first sight very laid back and easy going but then WHAM! she hits you with something so way out it's all a bit Damien Hirst!

She goes to Guides, with her best friend Giggly Girl, and last week had been doing some craft. All the girls are trotting out with decorated wooden spoons, all lovely and colourful and pretty. Very Country Living; mostly floral and cute.

Look what I've made Mum:

"Oh isn't she lovely!" says I, secretly thinking 'come on, hurry up, it's flippin' cold and I'm missing CSI'.

Just as the word 'lovely' comes out my mouth, she flips it around and there's the WHAM moment:

Do you think I should worry about her mental state? Or is it just a phase?

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  1. Oh it's brill! I think she should make more and then hold a kind of puppet show!! If I had the time I would make some too!!


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