Thursday, 4 February 2010

Spending my Christmas Money

I have a lovely Godmother. Even though I am forty-ahem-something, she still gives me money at Christmas and birthdays. Today was the day I found what I wanted to spend it on.

At Christmas I found some rather large stripey mugs but these are more regular sized. I did joke with the shop assistant that these were for the people I didn't want to stay too long!

I love the green on the inside. I am rediscovering green. My father's house was decorated entirely in green; that old fashioned forest green, in patterns on the walls, on the carpet, chairs, cushions, lampshades; even his clothes. Consequently, when I moved into this house I vowed NO GREEN. That was eleven years ago and I think I've got it out of my system now.

I am very slowly changing our bedroom into a cream and green zone. This is happening very slowly simply because every other room seems to be higher on the 'to do' list!

Marathon Runner painted the kitchen red and white just before Christmas but we have a green cooker, so we have little touches of green here and there.

I also found these cute postcards, which are also destined for the kitchen I think. The Eat Your Greens one elicited derisory snorts from the children.

and then one tiny little heart, which I couldn't resist!

So what a lovely day I've had. Bought presents for myself, had coffee (and a chocolate brownie)with a very good friend, Mad Child got the highest marks in her recent science test, Scary Child is being sensible about her options at school, Marathon Runner's at work this evening so I've had control of the TV remote (shame there's nothing on worth watching!) and I haven't got to get up and do sandwiches in the morning because the girls have got the day off school!

I do hope your day was as unexpectedly delightful as mine!

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