Tuesday, 2 November 2010


I have just caught the end of Kirsty's programme on the telly.  I do agree with the ethos of homemade things.  I'm sure some of my friends turn their eyes skywards when they open their presents at Christmas, perhaps not seeing the beauty that I do, or appreciate the amount of work and thought that goes into lots of my presents.

However, there is something not right with this programme. 

The people on this programme made some book ends, spending upwards of £75 for the privilege, and then proceeded to put them ON a bookshelf with about 4 books between them.  Is it just me?  Why not buy a few more books (they were in a study after all) and fill the whole damn shelf?

This is my recently built bookshelf in the living room, just filled with what we had lying around the house.

And we still have three bookshelves full upstairs!

My husband once met a woman who only had ONE book in her house.  HOW can you have only ONE book?  I have more than that beside me at the moment on the couch, and beside my bed, and on the dining table, and cookery books in the kitchen; I even found one in the boot of the car the other day.  I don't admit this to everyone (call me Hyacinth) but my husband has more than that beside the toilet (I know, I married a peasant!).

I was rather curious to know what this ONE book was.

He didn't ask.



  1. Haha! Books are everywhere in my house! I wattched Kirstie too, as much as i Love her...I agreee tho, that programme isn't really what it says on the tin. Yes they hand make things but who goes on a proper course to learn everything!? Most of us just bodge it and hope for the best! Still cant stop watching it tho :)

  2. We are over run with books too! I once had a cull and sent some to a charity shop, and ended up buying most of them back!! I cant get on with Kirstys programme either.

  3. My husband moans because he cant see all his books now as I have china etc on every shelf in front of the books waiting for me to sell it !
    Sue x

  4. So glad I'm not the only one overrun with books!!!!

  5. I am intrigued as to what the one book was now too! I need more book shelves! At the moment I have books scattered everywhere and in the hallway they are stacked up horizontally!!! x


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